Where did the Routing button go? Enhanced Route Optimising

You may be wondering why the Route Optimiser icon is no longer displaying in your Radaro dispatch portal. 

As Phase 1 in the staged release of Enhanced Route Optimising, we have made some updates to the User Interface in the Radaro dispatch portal. 

Please note that currently, driver app route optimisation remains unchanged. 


Driver Solo Route Optimisation 

To optimise the route of a solo driver, you will need to start by assigning the driver their run of jobs for the day.  Click on the “Drivers” tab and double click on the driver. Click the “Optimise Jobs" button on the left of the screen.


You are now able to select a start and finish location for the driver based on the hubs you have inputted into Radaro. You can customise these from the hubs section found under settings.


Once you select your start and finish location, tap "Create Optimisation". Once the optimisation is successful, you will be presented with the optimised run order for the driver. 



Driver Group Route Optimisation - Advanced Optimisation

Start by selecting the route optimisation button now located between the Jobs and Drivers tab. This will display a list of all optimisations. Click on "New Optimisation" to begin.


You now have the ability to group optimise a run for a day in the future. Next, select the drivers you would like to optimise the runs for and select "Apply".


Select your Start and End hubs and select "Optimise Jobs"


Once complete, all jobs will be automatically assigned to drivers. You can view each driver's routed run order by selecting the driver. 


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