Radaro’s Document Scanning feature allows you to scan pages such as signed invoices or receipts and attach them to your job during the POD workflow.

Step 1

From your Active Jobs list, select the job you are ready to start and hit "Start". Follow the job completion steps as normal.

When you reach the job completion confirmation screen, press the document icon to scan your document.


Step 2

Use your camera take a photo of the document you wish to scan. Please ensure the image is clear contains the entire page you wish to scan.

You will then be able to crop the image to fit your document by dragging the cropping square to the corners of the page (see above).

To retake the image simply hit “Retake”. Once you are happy with the image hit “Keep Scan”.

Step 3

You will then be presented with a list of pages you have scanned for this job. You can scan additional pages hitting “Scan”.

You can identify the type of document you have scanned e.g. Invoice by adding a tag. Simply hit “Add Tag” and select your tag from the predefined list. Each scanned document's name is generated to include the Job Name, Tag(s) attached to the document and a date/timestamp.

To remove a scanned document, you can tap "X" on the top-right corner of an individual scanned document.  This will remove all pages and tags associated with the removed document.


Step 4

Once you have scanned all the pages required, simply tap the “X” in the top left-hand corner to return to the job completion confirmation screen. Complete the rest of your completion confirmation by adding any signatures, images or comments, and hit “Job Complete”.

If you forget to attach a document before tapping "Complete" and attaching a document is required, you will see a prompt reminding you to attach a document before completing the job.

Scanned documents are available for review by dispatchers on individual job reports on their merchant account. Scanned documents can also be retrieved via API.



If you are interested in learning more about Document Scanning or how it can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team at (03) 8548 1892 or by emailing support@radaro.com.

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