Completing a Pre-inspection

As a driver, the Pre-inspection feature is your 'Insurance Policy' when completing jobs onsite.

Pre-Inspections allow you to manage the risk associated with working onsite by capturing any site inspection details prior to beginning work, such as any site imperfections (e.g. broken floor tiles) or detailing the issue which requires attention prior to beginning repairs 

Step 1

From your Active Jobs list, select the job you are ready to start and hit "Start". Once you have arrived on-site and have identified any issues to document by conducting a site inspection, tap the '+' button



Step 2 

To document your Pre-inspection, Radaro allows you to add up to five photos, attach a signature using the 'sign on glass' feature and add any additional comments.

Once you have attached the relevant files and captured a signature, hit "Attach Pre-inspection"

Note: Please contact your Manager to discuss whether a Driver or a customer signature is requiredScreen_Shot_2020-02-25_at_12.15.02_pm.png


Step 3 

Once attaching the Pre-inspection files, you will be pushed back to the job details screen on your Driver App. Here you will see that the Pre-inspection files have been attached to the job, and can now be accessed at any time. 

Tap "Complete" or "Fail" finalise the job as normal



If you are interested in learning more about Pre-Inspections or how this workflow can be integrated into your operations, contact your Radaro Account Manager or a member of the Radaro team at (03) 8548 1892 or by emailing

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